Are YOU A Wild Cat Expert?

Many People do not know a lot about endangered wild cats and their conservation. Take the EXTREMELY Difficlult Quiz to see if YOU are one of the few people who know a lot about wild cats!

Are you a cat Expert, Test yourself out in this difficlult quiz to see if that's really true. In a few minutes, you will find out! Again, thank you for taking this quiz.

Created by: Big Bad Ron

  1. What is the largest subspecies of lion?
  2. What is the largest species of wild cat.
  3. Are cougars scientificly classified as small or large cats?
  4. How many subspecies of leopards are there?
  5. What color are normal Siberian tigers?
  6. How many subspecies of tiger have bcome extinct?
  7. What subspecies of wild cat is most endangered?
  8. Black Panthers are a strange coloration of panthers.
  9. What is the smallest species of big cat.
  10. What is the smallest species of big cat.

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