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  • Do people think you're a cutter?

    Your Result: People suspect nothing, but you do self-harm


    Y ou are a pro at hiding that you self-harm/cut if you got this result most people wouldn't suspect that you self-harm. (please no hate, keep in mind that your result may not be 100% accurate I made this quiz so that people can see if other people think they might self harm) stay strong and I love you (sorry I'm awkward)

    62% Peop le think you cut/self harm
    40% People do not think you cut/self-harm
    0% You don't self-harm/cut
    0% People know you self-harm/cut

  • This was kinda black and white. There are grey areas. For example, not everyone is self harming in a manner that leaves a scar, some people having eating disorders which is still self destructive, but not in the way you're thinking. Just saying.

  • I am glad that according to you, no one notices. :) I'm trying to stop, but it's not easy... people tell me to quit being selfish, and that hurts. It just adds on to the list of bad things I think about. I feel so alone, and I just want a hug. A silent hug.

    Katt Nipp
  • Yo serious, 98%?? I only have 36 some marks, sheesh

    Misty Oxeria
  • yes i am a pro at hiding them
    i hid them for 6 months already


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