do I need to try harder with people?

Many people are over confident, and always willing to do everything first, but there are other people who are shy and hiding in the corner who are missing out on amazing opportunities! There is nothing wrong with being shy, but being too shy can cause you to miss out on amazing things! But remember being over confident is also a huge turn off.

Are you trying too hard or too little? Do you think if you tried harder your life would be different than it is now? Or do you think people are taking advantage of you? Take this quiz for accurate results to change your life and how you live it.

Created by: Nicole
  1. do you text people first?
  2. how many close friends do you have?
  3. have you told your current crush you like him/her
  4. do you think your friend and associates really care about you?
  5. Do you regularly get asked to meet up with your group of friends, or do you get left out?
  6. what describes you best
  7. Have you ever turned down someone who wants to speak to you?
  8. have you ever ignored a text?
  9. how many times have you fallen out with your close friends
  10. do you think you would be with your crush if you made more effort?
  11. why are you taking this quiz?

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