Which corner boy are you?

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Season four of The Wire took a look at children and the ways institutions impact their lives. While some of the scenarios they encounter may be hard to relate to, as human beings there are certain traits and qualities that people undeniably have in common.

Find out which corner boy you are most similar to. Are you independent like Michael? Strategic like Randy? The center of attention like Namond? Or perhaps slightly introverted like Duquan? This quiz will shortly reveal all.

Created by: Iris Greenspun
  1. Someone verbally insults you. You either...?
  2. When deciding what to wear in the morning, you...?
  3. In your group of friends are you?
  4. You get arrested for stealing,while your friends get away even though they were involved. You...?
  5. There's a kid in your class who gets picked on for being poor, you...?
  6. Of the following, which is your first priority?
  7. Someone steals your wallet. How do you react?
  8. At a party what's the first thing you do?
  9. You get suspended from school. What's your reaction?
  10. Your stereo breaks. Do you...?
  11. Your mother loses her job and becomes depressed.Do you...?
  12. When asking for help, how do you feel?
  13. You just got fired. Is it most likely because...?

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Quiz topic: Which corner boy am I?