Do Boys Like You?

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Do you get along with boys or not? this quiz determines your relationship with boys, are they your friends or enemies? take this quiz to find out now!

Do you ever wonder How Good boys think of you? these 12 questions will help you find out,work on it, become friends, or you are friends, so find out now!

Created by: kay

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  1. do they get mad at you for small things
  2. do they give you gifts?
  3. do they try to make you happy when you're sad?
  4. Do they get mad when you are on their team in a game?
  5. Do they say hi too you everyday?
  6. Do they say hi too you everyday?
  7. Do they tell on you when you did nothing wrong?
  8. Do they ask you stupid questions?
  9. do they get mad when you sit close to them?
  10. do they compliment you?

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