Do You Like Him?

Boys. They're all around you. Some of them might be your friends, best friends, or even boyfriends, in some cases. Whatever the situation, there will always be boys in your life.

Are you feeling a little unsure about your feelings with one of the boys you're hanging out with? Is the question turning around and around in your head: "Do I like him?"? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: GC123lol
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  1. Do you think of him at least once a day?
  2. When you pass by him, do you feel nauseous?
  3. Do you feel the urge to wave at him if you guys see each other?
  4. If he asked you out, would you say yes?
  5. Do you smile whenever you think of him?
  6. Does your heart beat faster when you think of him or see him?
  7. Did you ever have a happy dream about him?
  8. Do you feel hot or blush when you think of him or see him?
  9. Were you thinking about him the whole time you took this quiz?
  10. Finally, what do YOU think?

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Quiz topic: Do I Like Him?