UNlucky number 13

This isn't like the normal quizzes you see about which boys you're going to fall in love with and what not. it's about friends and betrayal and maybe a little bit about finding yourself

this was something that happened to me recently and i wanted to see what other people would do in my situation. hope u like it!

Created by: Kelli

  1. It's the start of eighth grade, your final year in middle school and you've just turned thirteen. You're super stoked and excited for the year to come. What's the first thing you do when you get to school the first day back?
  2. You see all your friends, including your good friends Emmy, Mel, and Taylor, all by the flagpole and you go to meet them, excited to see them again. what's the first thing you say to them?
  3. after a few weeks, everything becomes normal, although Jen, a girl you can't stand, is invited into your group by taylor. you go up to taylor and say:
  4. You start to notice things in taylor, like that she is dressing just like Jen. she also starts to act standoffish towards you and your fiends. while with your friends, you say to them
  5. The next day, Taylor shows up for the first time in weeks and tells you "Hey ______, I'm sorry im ignoring you, but the others are so mean. you wanna come hang with me and Jen?" you tell her
  6. Soon, Emmy, one of your bff's forms a taylor hate group. you
  7. now, i know this might seem a little dramatic, but this stuff actually happened to me, so keep that in perspective
  8. whats your fav thing to do?
  9. rate/comment?
  10. if this quiz does good, i'll make more, so comment it up if you liked it

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