hidden powers love story

this quiz is for creating a hidden powers love story about you and a character from the book. it's based on leasly's friends (all boys)and enemies, hope you enjoy the quiz(:

Do you know who your going to get?,take the quiz and find out. this quiz might be kinda weird because the boys are kinda young to do this but it made this quiz cuz i was board.

Created by: leasly of hidden powers
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  1. its your first year at hortech and you just arrived.
  2. you are in the front of the training ready to figure out your power.
  3. you walked to your cabin and went to bed.
  4. next morning at breakfast some sits next to you, who would it be?
  5. so then you arrive at training, Carel passes you a note the says i think your pretty what do you do?
  6. so you are walking down the hall until jack pushes you in a closet,
  7. good news! you made the stuc---s team. on the field Justin threw a ball and it hits you in the face.
  8. you wake up the next morning seeing Marcus right next to you, what to you do?
  9. who do you think you will get?
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