Dissapearance (part 1)

This is my story. The title won't make sense on this one so you have to wait for part 2 (or maybe later!) for it to really make sense. ~ Comment and rate.

This is my story. The title won't make sense on this one so you have to wait for part 2 (or maybe later!) for it to really make sense. Comment and rate.

Created by: Asrel81

  1. I walk into the gray building for the first time ever. The man who brought me here called it my home. I guess it is now, since my real home burnt down with parents still inside. My little sister May and I made it out. I am here. I have no idea where May is. My parents told me once to look after her. Whoops.
  2. The door swings closed behind me. I walk down a hallway with many closed doors. I would never know which one I came in from. The doors are all marked with a different color but I wasn't paying attention to that before. One of the doors opens and a girl calmly walks out. "You're the new girl, right?" she says. I nod. "I'm Jesse," I tell her. She nods. "I'm Emilly." You can come into my room. It's really messy, though."
  3. I walk into the room marked with pale yellow, preparing myself for the worst. But Emilly's room is the neatest room I've ever seen. I stare. "I know. I know," she says. "It looks like a tornado hit it." "Uh... yeah. I guess," I say. "I mean... yeah. Tornado. Right."
  4. She looks at me curiously, then seems to focus on a spot behind my head. Her eyes go cold. -What did I do? I wonder. But it's not me. "Hello, RAINA," she says. I turn around. Raina has blond hair, tan skin and brown eyes. She waves. "Hey," she says. "You're new?" I nod. "'Kay. I'll show you your dorm." Emilly glares at her. "Who gave you permission to do that?" "Caris, actually," Raina says. "If you'll excuse us." I hear Emilly snort before Raina closes the door behind us.
  5. "Anyway," Raina says, "You're in light blue. Don't let it get at all messy, because Emilly's dorm cleanup inspector and... well, you saw her idea of 'hit by a tornado.'" The last four words are a combination of icy and an imitation of a four year old, something hard to do. I gotta hand her that. But if I were to be friends with one of them, the other would hate me. And what if all the girls are like this? "Anyway," she says after a pause, "I'm sorry to hear about your parents." I jerk my head up. "How d'you know about that?!"
  6. Raina gives a sad little laugh. "This is a sort of...orphanage, I guess." There's a pause. "Oh," I say. Geez, why can't I think of anything better? "Anyway," she says, "we've got free time now. Wanna come over to my dorm?" I nod. Good one. That was awkward. "Sure," I say. "Oh, and I never told you my name. I'm-" She cuts me off. "Wait! I'm kinda psychic. Bet you tonight's dessert I can guess?"
  7. "Um, sure, I guess," I say. "Cool! You're... Ayla?" I laugh. "Not even close. I'm Jesse. Do I get your dessert?" I joke. We're both laughing now. "Hey, deal's a deal!" she giggles. "Come to my dorm, it's weird out in the hall, you know? I'm in red." She points to a red smudge on one of the doors farther down the long line. "I used to share with the oh-so-perfect Emiwwy," - How does she do that? "but yeah, that didn't exactly work out." She opens the red-marked door. "So now we're about fifty doors away just on the far side. You're on near. Remember that." She walks in, and I follow. Her dorm is really neat, but not even close to Emilly's. "Had to clean up for inspection," she explains. "Hey, when you get back from free you should dump your stuff. You can leave it by the door for now. Whew, I'm doing all the talking. I'm a little bit talkative, you know? Hey, if you can't tell it's fine. It's another reason that GIRL hates me. You wanna talk?"
  8. "Nah," I say. "I'm more of a listener. Keep talking." She grins. "Thanks! So anyway, Lissa is really nice. She'll be here in around..." she glances at the clock, "five minutes. She got dishwashing duty for 'sassing' Caris. But she didn't sass her! All she said was that, uh, if she didn't get a window in her room she'd kill Caris. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Caris is, like, the head teacher here. It's kinda like a school slash orphanage, ya know?" She looks over at me. I didn't notice there were no windows, but now that I think about it, it's kind of weird. "Yeah," I say. She plops down on her bed, and I sit down next to her. She starts talking again. "Anyway, Lissa should be here now. Stupid Caris." She slaps her hand over her mouth. "I mean, my sister Carissa. She, um, uh..." Raina chokes up and looks at me for help. "Was adopted?" I offer. "Yeah! That's right. Uh, how did you know? And I was calling her stupid 'cause she, uh, left me behind. That's it. Good one! I mean, good move. You're really good at this game." I look at her, confused. She takes a piece of paper and writes, BUGGED BUT NO CAMERAS. I nod, and she gives me a thumbs up. DON'T WORRY THOUGH, IT RESPONDS TO KEYWORDS LIKE CARIS. I nod again. She grins. THIS IS COOL. WE'RE LIKE SPIES. NO ONE BUT US CAN TELL WHAT I'M SAYING. She giggles. I think it's scary though. People know what we're saying?
  9. The door opens and a girl with really dark hair and really light eyes walks in. She looks at me. "Hey," she says. "I'm Melissa, but you can call me Lissa. What's your name?" I look at her. "Jesse," I say. "Well, welcome, Jesse. Hi, Raina! Wanna do ring of truths? Just to get it over with?" The two girls sigh. "Sure," Raina says. "But Allison and Sandy and Flora aren't here." Lissa frowns. "It doesn't matter. Come on, we can do it with Jesse!" Raina pauses. "Well, okay. Jesse, we sit in a circle on my bed and we have to answer truthfully to any questions. Caris has us do it once a week. And to make sure we answer truthfully," she sighs and pulls a long silver needle out of her drawer, "We have to use THIS. Oh, and ring of truths is a keyword so they can see. And while we're under this," she holds up the needle, "we have to ask their questions. Not ours. And theirs are really embarrassing." She sighs. "But what is that?" I ask. "I dunno," Lissa says. "But it makes you tell the truth."
  10. Raina stabs the syringe- thing into her thigh, then hands it off to Lissa. She does the same thing, then hands it to me. I carefully position the needle on my thigh, then push the button.

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