Disfunctional Dating Quiz

Lies are the opposite of love, Manipulation is a cowards way of getting what he/she knows they dont deserve, a sociopath will walk away unaffected by the evil they've inflicted, and do it to another, and another.

Dating can be difficult, dont assume that people are all honest, try not to give your heart away too soon, Good people do exist, they're just harder to find in todays world! Keep Looking!

Created by: Jeffrey of myspace.com/jmd333
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  1. Did you feel used, IE: like you gave and gave and yet your most basic needs were not met.
  2. Were you lied to often in the relationship?
  3. Did you feel managed or manipulated?
  4. After the brake up, Did your ex accuse you of all the things they were guilty of?
  5. Did they go to great lenghts to convince everyone that you were the bad Girl/guy to cover their own crap?
  6. Did they use drugs?
  7. Did they cheat?
  8. Did they forget things like, your Birthday, common courtesy?
  9. When you found the courage to ask for anything, did they become angry or accuse you of being to demanding?
  10. Did they treat you normally around others, then poorly behind closed doors?
  11. Finally, Did they make you doubt things that you know to be true and right and fair?

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