Die hard Kill Bill Fan?

So you think you know the Kill Bill movies?? Well now you can test your knowledge with this quizz. Are you good enough to be a Black Mamba? Or will you be a Buck? Take the quiz and find out...

Kill Bill I and II are very in depth movies. How well were you paying attention? Take the quiz and find out how good your knowledge is. You will be rated as the best, Black Mamba, or Bill, Pai Mei, Vernita Green, The Crazy 88's or the worst, Buck.

Created by: Ra

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  1. What is Budds Codename?
  2. Who did 'the bride' kill first
  3. What is Go-Go's weapon?
  4. Who killed O-Ren's family?
  5. How long was the bride in a coma?
  6. Which of the following characters definitely survived?
  7. Which charcter cuts girls faces?
  8. What is Bills daughter called?
  9. Who is the only man Bill ever loved
  10. How did the black mamba avoid being assassinated?

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