The Bill Quiz (Couldn't resist)

Helooooo. I decided to set up my own TB quiz. I know Woody is setting up hers soon but in the meantime I thought you lot may as well do this. I really do think there should be more Bill quizez there fun to do and interesting (but quite surprisingly hard) to make. Oh BTW this is a brilliant topic thaks Woody. :)

Do you have the brain power (and memory) to qualify for that prestigious title of a The Bill Fanatic? Well try as you may... I set up this quiz to find out. And before I go I have to say each and every question is answerable and each answer has been mentioned on TB in previous episodes.

Created by: Kate
  1. (Easy first Question)What was the name of the first ever episode of TB?
  2. (Ok funs over :P) Which actress played Kerry Holmes?
  3. Who left the force after accidently being shot by Smithy, who was then a PC?
  4. What are the names of Sheelagh Murphy's children?
  5. Of these children whhich one was from an affair with Des Taviner?
  6. The death of which character caused June Ackaland to turn up drunk for work?
  7. Which actress famously disgarded a script for the hit US comedy "Fraiser" on an interview she didn't know she was on?
  8. Which scottish PC fell for DI Neil Manson?
  9. What is Abigail Nixon's middle name?
  10. Which Superintendants family were killed in a car crash?
  11. What are the name's of Phil Hunter's two children?
  12. Who killed Matt Boyden?
  13. Who killed Cass Rickman?
  14. Who's Abi Nixon's Father?
  15. Who caused the first station fire?
  16. Which officer that died in the first station fire was Mickey in love with?
  17. What was the name of Jack Meadows wife?
  18. What was the name of the DC that fell for a Nun in late 2002?
  19. Who convinced everyone she had HIV...when she didn't?
  20. Which PC got one over on Phil Hunter by proving he had a daughter with a gangsters wife?

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