So you think you know The Bill

So you think you know the bill, well see how you fair against my little quiz, maybe it's too easy, maybe it's tot hard, you won't know till you try. So give it a go, and find out what your rank is.

So are you a PCSO or a DCI, or somewhere in between, not sure, well take the test, find out if you've got what it takes to rise through the ranks, or are you destined for a life in uniform.

Created by: Sarah Kirton
  1. Name Smithy's army regiment
  2. Name Jo's former long term partner
  3. What Football Team did Gary Best support
  4. What caused Sgt Tom Penny to have Post traumatic stress disorder
  5. Kathy Bradford killed Brandon Kanes ex wife, how?
  6. How did Viv Martella die
  7. Stuart Turner and Susie Simm both applied for a Sgt's post at which unit
  8. What's the name of Neil Manson's son
  9. Debbie McCallister had Tom Chandler's baby, what did she name him
  10. Daniel Flynn's real life brother was one half of which singing duo
  11. What are the first names of the following officers, Dc Dashwood, Pc Santini, DI Johnson, Pc Slater
  12. Who played the part of Don Beech's girlfriend in the episode where he escaped from Neil's custody
  13. Cheif Inspector Philip Cato, was known to the relief by which nickname
  14. What's Phil Hunter's mum's name
  15. When Honey first joined she was engaged to a lawyer, what was his name
  16. What was Suzie Simm's nickname for Gary Best
  17. Why did Gina end her relationship with Adam years before Adam took over Sun Hill
  18. Who was babysitting for Sheelagh's baby when it was found to have died from cot death
  19. What was the name of Zain Nadir's younger sister who died from a drugs overdose
  20. When Sam abducts Abi from Hugh Wallis's house where does she take her

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