Do You Know Bill Rollins?

Bill Rollins is an interesting fellow. Many of you know him. But how well? take the "Do You Know Bill Rollins" quiz to find out. You may be surprised to find out how close you are.

Ok Rollins Family and friends... Here's what you do: First, grab everyone who lives in the house. Then, Grab a few seats. Gather around the computer, and see how well your family knows Bill Rollins.

Created by: Bill Rollins
  1. Bill Rollins has a middle name. What is it?
  2. Bill Rollins hopes to one day be the worlds greatest...
  3. As a Magician Bill Rollins goes by an alias. What is it?
  4. Bill Rollins enjoys movies. especially this kind.
  5. Bill has another hobby, other than magic, What is it?
  6. Now you have made it past the first five. now it gets harder. Bill's favorite magician is...
  7. Bill's favorite and lucky number is...
  8. If Bill could change one thing (physicly)about himself, it would be...
  9. Bill Rollins is in the best youth organization in the world. it's called...
  10. In the Order of DeMolay, Bill Rollins holds a State office. what is his title
  11. Which of the following kinds of music does Bill Rollins love more?
  12. What is the circumference of the lower intestine of an "African Red-ring Dung Beetle"
  13. Do you know Bill's favorite holiday?
  14. Bill Rollins is a jedi. But his favorite Jedi is...
  15. Bill can play the guitar and one other instrument. which one.
  16. Bill Rollins is most likely to say:
  17. Bill Rollins wishes the world was...
  18. Next to God and Country What does Billy love most?
  19. Billy wants to be in which Military branch?
  20. FINAL QUESTION: Bill Rollins believes that your life will always be happy as long as you have...

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Bill Rollins?