Did you actually understand Infinite Crisis?

The most complicated quiz based on the most complicated comic book has arrived and it is hungry for geeks. Chubby ones, skinny ones and buff ones with meat to eat.

It is up to you, the player, to pass this test or you will be eaten by the the quiz in ONE, BIG, MOUTH-GAPING GULP OF DEATH! Good luck, my friend! Enjoy.

Created by: Mr. E
  1. Why are there 2 Supermen, 2 Superboys, a Lex Luthor with hair and a dying Lois Lane?
  2. When Superman 1 and Superman 2 take Superboy 4 to the remaints of Krypton, why was neither Superman 2 or Superboy 4 damaged?
  3. Was Hal Jordan involved in the fight?
  4. What occurred to Barry Allen in the comic?
  5. What occurred to Wally Allen?
  6. Other than Superman 2, Lois Lane 2, Lex Luthor 3 and Superboy 4, who else remembered the multiverse without having to be reminded of it via evidence?
  7. What happened to Booster Gold?
  8. What happened to Blue Beetle?
  9. What happened to Superboy 1?
  10. Why was Superboy 4 imprisoned?

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