Does Your Shy Guy Like You ?

Shy guys can be very difficult to figure out. They send you mixed signals leaving you terribly confused D: they go from helping you out to even ignoring you completely.

Take this quiz to find out if this shy guy of yours likes you ! Or if he's just being friendly ? Find out if he's interested . Shy guys are indeed confusing at times.

Created by: (:
  1. Does he stare at you constantly & when you look at him he quickly looks away?
  2. Does he tend to smile at you a lot ?
  3. Does he always want to be next to you?
  4. Is he always texting you?
  5. When you look at him in the eyes, do you feel a attraction or heart-felt feeling ?
  6. Does he even ignore/avoid you, but is normal around everyone else ?
  7. Does he try to flirt with you then flirts with your friends right in front of you?
  8. Does he make fun of you in front of he's friends & I don't mean in a playful way.
  9. Does he give you a cute little nickname ?
  10. Did he introduce you to he's mom ?

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Quiz topic: Does my Shy Guy Like You ?