Does he like you?

All us girls out there know that guys just flirt with girls, its in their nature, RIGHT? But what if he just wanted your attention? What if he actually liked you and you had no idea?!

Thanks to the results of this quiz, you'll be able to tell how he really feels about you, just from what he does! (you don't even have to talk to him about your feelings and get shy!!)

Created by: Jessica
  1. Does he start the conversations?
  2. Does he try to keep the conversation going?
  3. Is he loud around you when he's with his friends?
  4. Does he seem to follow you around school?
  5. Is he flirty with you?
  6. Does he start to groom himself when you're near by?
  7. Do you talk often?
  8. Does he send you good morning and good evening messages?
  9. Does he flirt with other girls sometimes?
  10. Is it very interactive online?

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