Are You My Prince? (Guys only)

I always dreamed of myself holding hands with a guy that I fell inlove with. I want to feel the thing other inlove couples feel when they look each other in the eyes. I want to be inlove and I want someone to tell me those three words

Are you my prince? Are you the one I'm searching for? Are you the one who can make me blush for the first time and the one who can set the butterflies (that I never really felt) flying inside my stomach? Take this quiz so you'll know the answer.

Created by: Someone you don't know
  1. Let me tell you a story, there's a shy and a quiet girl who always sat in a corner and doesn't mind other people, people always thought of her as a girl who doesn't give a flying f--- about life, but little did they know that this short, quiet and shy girl always dreamed of her prince who would rescue her, cherish her and love her for the rest of their lives. She always daydreamed of how she will meet her prince and how will they live happily ever after with their two twin daughters that looks just like the prince and their youngest son that looks just like the girl. And that girl is me. So let's get started?
  2. I maybe complaining but I don't fall inlove easily.
  3. My dream eversince is to be a virgin bride. I can't wait to walk down the aisle while carrying the most valuable part of me and giving it to the man I truly love.
  4. My dream of my first kiss is..
  5. This is my FUTURE way of saying sorry when you get mad at me and I know that it's my fault.
  6. I don't mind you getting all possessive and over protective over me, I don't even have a guy friend.
  7. I'm an author in wattpad by the way, and may I asked will you ever cheat? Or have a crush on my younger sister that is 3 years younger than me and she's ALOT beautiful than I was.
  8. It's my first time wearing a two piece bikini on a beach with my girl friends, would you allow me?
  9. Will you comment or Rate? My first name starts at letter 'C' by the way
  10. People always told me that I'm so cute that I look like a chinese doll

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Quiz topic: Am I My Prince? (Guys only)