Death's Everlasting Love (Part 3)

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Hi its me Wolfygirl! If you havn't seen my anouncment then I'm sorry. I haven't been here for two months. I had to give up my computer cause I was on it non stop.

But I'm still contining my series. And new ones might come. I'm not sure. Comment and rate please and part three you all been dying to read is here. Hope you enjoy.

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. "WHAT!" I said in a loud whisper. I didn't want to cause a scene. "Chill down I got busy." Luke said yawning and stretching his arms. "Dude we-" I was about to say but Luke said "We have a sub today." I looked and saw a sub. "The assignment is also extended because Mr.Bungle wants to check the assignments himself. So no worries." Luke said. "If we didn't have a sub and the assignment wasn't exteneded then I would have litaray slap you!" I whisper to him. He chuckled and said "Yeah okay cutie." He put his arm around me and I pushed it off. "Don't act you don't like it." He said. "Yeah right. You don't affect me." I said. "Everyone always feels my presence....." He whispered in my ear. I felt goose bumps on my body. "Let me tell you a little secret....." Luke said. "I'm death...." He said. I looked at him and said "Hahaha." Then the day went through like a breeze. Liz ran up to me and said "What did he say to you!?"
  2. "Nothing." I said. "____!(Full name) Tell me exactly what he said." She said in a more stern and orderly voice. I didn't recgonized it. "He-" I was about to say but Luke came and put an arm around Liz. "Hey!" He said. "Luke-" I said.
  3. *Liz POV* Luke held on tightly to me. Warning me of what I was about to do. Warn _____ of him. Courage frew up in me. Not this time. I wont let him dare ruin ______. I don't care if he's superior to me. I then said "_____ I need to tell you that I and Luke are dating." I lied. It burned my tounge but it was the only way Luke would keep his mind off of her. Luke looked at me with a *What are you doing?* look. I gave him a *Stay away from her* look. "Yeah for a long time. I wanted to let you know that!" I lied. ____ Looked at me and to Luke then back to me. "Him? I feel sorry for you." She said. *More then you know ______* I thought. "Are you guys trying to punk me?" She said. "Nope! He's my teddy bear!" I lied again. Luke gave me a *Fine I'll play along* look. "Yup and she's my gooey berry." He squeezed me warning me on my actions that he'll deal with me later. Dare I say it I had to get him away from ____. *At least for him to be mad at me then flirting with ____. Just so she wont end up.......* A tear almost ran down my cheek. I kissed him and ____ left awkwarly. I pushed him back and I do have to say he was a good kisser. But I didn't like his deathly lips. "Stop doing what your doing with ____" I said. "You think I would!? You just dug a deep hole of punishment from me Elizabeth." He said. Giving me the "I'm more powerful then you* look. "Stay away from her" I said. I then left.
  4. *Back to your POV* "She's dating Luke? I thought that she hated him!" I said to myself. "Seeing her and him kissing was awkward. You know? Your best friend kissing the guy that I hate." I thought. "Well it's her love life. I shouldn't interfere..." I said. I walked to my house and did my homework and went to bed. The next day was a saturday. I got dressed in a blue tank top with some skinny jeans and high heels. I curled my hair and put on red lipstick and mascara. I walked down the sidewalk near El Palo street. My house was the one right on the corner next to the small shop. (I would tell you more but its a long story on the house and you know people stalking others. I don't want that. So the streets are made up.) I heard a crash. I followed the noise and hand my pepper spray ready. I saw a dark ally and saw Luke and Liz. "You gone too far you know?!" Luke said angerly. "I just asked you one thing Luke! One thing! Stay away _____!" Liz said. "I do what I want to!" Luke said. "No you don't you still have your job that you have to do. Cause I'm tired of you playing around with my work." Liz said. "I am superior to you. I will order you to do what I want." Luke said. "Look I hate being cross but Luke your not what you once were anymore. Your now a cruel, mean, and just not what we were made for. People fear death." She said to him. "Everyone fears death Elizabeth." Luke said annoyed. "But more then ever. With the new technology and more agressive people, dark magic, false fears, unknowing-" Liz said but Luke interupted her saying "Its there fault for doing that. Not ours." "You should know better. 'If someone is doing something bad and your not doing anything to stop it. Then your at fault as that person' You should know better Luke." Liz said. I accidently slipped on a can. They looked in my direction. Liz ran to me and asked "Are you okay?" I nodded. "I'm fine just walking." I said. Luke walked over and gave Liz an *I'll deal with you later* look. He turned to me and handed out his hand for me to take it. But Liz helped me up faster then him. "Are you sure?" Liz asked. "Liz you worry too much." I said. "You sure do." Luke said. Giving her a glare. Liz said sarcasticly "Sorry that I care about my best friend more then my Boyfriend." Luke gave her a *You didn't* look. She gave a *Oh yes I did so back off or should I continue?* Look. Luke seemed to get angry and Liz knew that she got him good. "Yeah babe" He said putting an arm around her. He touched near her rear. I saw her fist boild up. Showing that she hated where he was touching. But she gave a kind happy smile. I looked from her to Luke. "So do you want to go to humbertos with me?" I asked. Hopeing to end tension in the air. "Sure!" Liz said. She moved quickly away from Luke to me. "Come on gummy bear!" She said. Luke's face turned to fustration and anger especially with his new name.
  5. We walked over to Lupita's. It was closer then humbertos. I order some enchiladas with rice and beans. Luke got a chimichanga and Liz got a burito. It was quiet after we ordered. It was a round table with three tables. Luke was at one end while Liz was at the other. Liz sat with her back straight and haands on her lap. She put a napkin on her lap neatly and didnt have her elbows on the table as she cupped her hands on the table. Luke sat leaning in the chair with his leather jacket and arms crossed. He looked serious with furiy. His chin was held high showing that he was a leader or someone vary powerful. I looked at Liz's brown eyes and noticed for the first time that they sparkled with power, and wisdom. She herself looks just like a normal 16 year old but her eyes seemed ancient. Filled with knowlege and looked to have seen everything. I looked at Luke and saw that his eyes showed power, strength and superiority. Showing that he was ancient ans seen things that no one can bare with no fear. In fact it was like people actucally feared him himself. The food finally came.
  6. *Liz POV* I didn't want to take a single eye off of him. Anger was boiling up in me. But I kept myself calm. He was giving me the stare down. Normal mortals would get scared of it. But not me. He may be powerful and superior to me. But he will not win. Not this time. He needs to learn that you don't get everything you want cause of what you did in the past. Its the past and can't be changed. The present will affect your reputation and who you are. And so far he's acting like a pouting child. Not getting what he wants. He needs to learn.....
  7. *Luke's POV* I looked at Liz with fury. She's challenging me. Me! I'm more powerful then she is. She should know her place. I found _____ and I love her. Can't she see that? She made me even more angry with calling me her boyfriend. She wants to play that game? Well you got what you want Liz. You just stepped on the tiger's tail......
  8. *Back to your POV* The food came and I took a bite out of my enchilada. I saw that Luke and Liz just stared at each other. "Are you guys going to-" I was about to say but Luke said "Liz why don't you eat?" "You were always the first to eat." Liz replied. "You havn't touched your drink." Luke said. "Neither have you. Since thats a shocker to me. You usually go after anything you see." Liz said. "I do not. You can't even make a dision." Luke said. "I can but I actually think about my actions unlike you. You would run into battle like a drunk, weapnless naked man." Liz said. "Okay you guys good ones..." I said nervous. It was getting pretty tence. "After you." Luke said. "No I want to be nice. After you" Liz said. "Your too soft Liz so after you." Luke said. "SOFT!" Liz said with her calm voice gone. She sounded so mad. "Your softer then a feather floating in the air." Luke said. "You can be heartless and act like a total jerk all the time. Sometimes I think you would be great as a pimp" Liz said. Luke stop up and yelled with a thunder like voice and pounded the table "PIMP! You think that I'm a pimp!? You let people push you around all the time. You don't take your job seriously." Liz stood and pounded the table with her saprano voice like an angry wind storm "YOU DON'T TAKE YOUR JOB SERIOUSLY! You flirt all the time chasing cute girls!" "I do take my job seriously!" Luke yelled. "No you don't! You never do anymore! You are now just selfish and a jerk!" Liz yelled. "Well-" Luke was about to say but Liz interupted saying "You don't deserve to be called an ANGEL DEATH!!" Luke looked at her with a sad expression. He looked down and with shock at what she said. She continued "You lack on your job! You are-" The door opened behind her. A small girl and a big guy came in. The girl had blond hair in two long side poney tails. She had leather skinny jeans and a black tank top. She was ghostly pale. She had beautiful yet teasing green eyes. The guy had a big white jacket and some jeans. He had no shirt. His hair was spiked and his eyes hidden behind black shades. They smelled like cigerrets and other drugs.
  9. Liz and Luke sat back down. Luke leaned back in his chair and looked clever and hot. He crossed his arms and said "You can be super slow you know?" Liz then nodded "And here I thought you were trying to be some kind of stud or something. You can be a great actor." Liz said. *Whats going on?* I thought. "You see the real reason for my presence in this town?" Luke said. "Sorry about what I said." Liz said calmly. "Lets show these disgusting creatures not to mess with our kind." Luke said. Liz nodded and then got up from her chair and did a back flip. She landed on the other side of the new costumers. She kicked the girl. She flew across the room. The guy said in a super deep voice "So little feathers finally fights. Been a long time since we crossed each other." "You should learn your place." Liz said. Light glowed from her hands. She punched him and the light burned the guy. His handl showed blood red vains and coal like bones. "Your attacks feel weaker then before." The guy said a little weak from the attack. Luke stood and his eyes glowed pure white. His voice thundered with power. "Please? We're just warming up." He raise his hand and a long sword appeared in his hand. It was those old midevial swords with a cross as a gem. "Whats going on?" I said feeling left out. The girl got up in a creepy way. Like all boney and zombie like. She spoke in a high pitched raspy voice "Do you little angels always have to fight honorably? I mean it's getting kinda old." She looked at me and said "Eating mexican food with a human girl? So unlike angels." "You wanna feel the wrath of us fine. You demon." Liz said running to her with a silver glowing spear. It just appeared in her hand like magic. She almost stabed the girl but the girl dodged. The a spear appeared in the qirl's arm but it was black with strange markings and some type of evil glow to it. They swang at each other with kicks, dodges, jumps and flips. Luke and the other guy were sword fighting. the swords hit each other and stayed still in the form of an X. (Like in Star wars when Ankin and Obi wan fought) But What did I do? I just sat they scared out of my mind and felt left out. Trying to find out what the heck was going on. The waitress came in and dropped her pitcher at the sight. Everyone froze. Liz cornered the girl in a corner with her spear at her heart. Luke and the guy were still in the X form with their swords. The woman shoke and said "Uh do you wanna take your food as a to go?" "Yes please." I said. I smiled perfectly normal.
  10. "Whats going on with you guys!" I yelled. "Sorry _____. But as your guardian angel I have too protect you at all cost. Even if it causes major embarissment." Lis said. I got up and said "First off why are you-" A gun passed right in front of my eyes. I looked at the guy and saw he had a gun. Luke kicked him and picked me up. The waitress came in and gave us the bill. "Liz can you pay that." Luke said. "Oh some gentleman you are." Liz said putting down $200s. She gave her a tip also and put the oxed food on his head and put the reciept in his mouth. "But your gona have to carry everything." She said. So then he walked away like normal as Liz chased off the other people.
  11. Thats the end of part 3! Comment and rate please.

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