Death's Aroma: Pt 2

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Three days after Acacia Valentine's move to Charleston, South Carolina, she starts school at Bronxford High School. But something seems out of the ordinary to her. Acacia meets her welcomer at school, Mirabel, a nice and innocent young girl.

Along with meeting another nice guy who lives on the same street as her, Skai. After school, Acacia discover the unthinkable in her bedroom. Later that night, there's voices. Calling her name. And what seems to be a nightmare happens as she falls asleep.

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  1. I'm sure you're wondering what had happened to Bethany back in Tennessee. It was two years ago, on her seventh birthday. There was an ice cream shop across the street that she's always wanted to go to, but was too expensive. As a nice sister, I decided to take her there. I remember crossing the road, and I asked her what flavor she wanted. She didn't answer, and when I looked back, she was in the middle of the road tieing her shoe. Normally the street was empty, but to my surprise there was a car heading right at her.
  2. I ran in the street to try to save her, but it was too late. Since that day I've been blaming myself for her death, not second guessing, I knew it was my fault. I should have been watching her. My mother tells me accidents happen and dieing is part of life, yet I feel like a murderer. It should have been me, she had so much to live for.
  3. Charleston, South Carolina is the last place I wanted to be at this point. School started only days after we moved in, and one of the things I hated most in life was having to go to a different school. I had to make all new friends and get buddy-buddy with the teachers. I didn't know what to expect starting at a new school, I just knew I'd hate it. But everything didn't turn out exactly as I thought it would, it was something better. I remember everything that happend that day, from the beginning to end. It was a twisted day, I must admit.
  4. School started very early that day, around six in the morning. Not what I was used to, back home in Memphis school was at eight. I suppose the time zones had something to do with it, yet I never really knew, I didn't think much of it. I sat in the office, waiting for what the principal called a welcomer. A girl walked through the door, around my age. She had long, straight brown hair, ice blue eyes, medium skin tone and freckles across her nose. "Acacia?" She asked. I guess she was my welcomer. "That's me," I uttered, she motioned me towards her.
  5. She opened up the door and I followed her into the corridor. "The main hallway," She exclaimed. She showed me around the entire school, even the secret passageway that led to the basement. The school was odd, just the way everything looked, the accessories, it just seemed different.
  6. She gave me a bright orange paper with my schedule on it, I read it in my head: Period one, history. Period two, math. Period three, gymnasium. Period four, lunch. Period five, writing. Period six, science. Period seven, acting. Period eight, spanish. The girl took the paper from my hand and said, "We have first, third, fourth and seventh together." I looked up at her, "What's your name?" "Mirabel," She smiled.
  7. The day was quite awkward, yet I managed to live through it. I actually met a guy named Skai, who I found out lived on the same street as me. He had pitch black hair and chocolate brown eyes, who looked a bit like my friend Nate in Tennessee. Skai came over to my house after school and we played Call Of Duty. But something happened before he came over, something that made me hide under the covers, that made me glad Skai came.
  8. I was laying on my bed, reading a book. I was home alone, both parents still at work. I heard something creeking and when I looked in the corner of my room, my rocking chair was, well, rocking. But it could have the wind, I had my window open. I looked at the window, then back to the chair, I saw a shadow. A shadow of a man, sitting in the chair. I dropped my book at pulled my blanket over my head.
  9. And that's when I found myself running to the door, letting Skai in. As soon as we returned to my bedroom, it was gone. I saw nothing. Heard nothing. I didn't know what to think. I kept seeing things while me and Skai played Call Of Duty. I told him but he thought I was crazy so he went home. Thank god my mother returned from work right as Skai left, I don't think I could have survived being home alone.
  10. I played Call Of Duty for the rest of the day, I guess you can say I was kinda obsessed with that game. After, I went to bed. I heard voices whispering my name. It was coming from the study room which was right across the hall from my bedroom. I tried to ignore it but my name was being called, how could that not freak anyone out? I closed my door and returned to my bed. I starting closing my eyes when I heard it again Acacia.. I felt a grip on my leg. Acacia! It grabbed my leg and pulled me out of bed, I found myself screaming as I was being dragged through the hallway. ACACIA! I shivered in fear...

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