DBZ love (fanfiction) part 4

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please comment or rate or both. i need to know if anyone is reading my story if not then im just going to stop writting them. the next parts are already written but i love to tourch you guys with suspense so your going to have to wait, when your done with this one.

comment and rate please i need to know who is reading or if this is horrilble or not please comment and rate thats all i ask for comments and ratings.

Created by: music monster J

  1. It has now been 2 years since you and Goten made it official and your training has been non-stop. Now you are 17 and so is Goten, Trunks is 18. Right now you and him are in his room watching teen wolf.
  2. “I hate this show” he muttered. “What the hay, this show is so friggin awesome, it’s so alive!!” you replied (even if you have now clue what teen wolf is). “I hate the show but I love you” he murmured looking you directly in the eyes.
  3. He leaned into kiss you but you backed away. “Gotta go” you murmured rushing out of his room and then go to your own room and slamming the door shut.
  4. “I can’t do this anymore, I have to tell him.” You muttered to yourself. “I have to tell him that I’m crushing on trunks, and I feel as if I’m cheating on him” you thought. “______!!!” called goten as he knocked on the door, you quickly jumped into your bed and pretended to sleep. You heard him come in and felt him pat your back. “She’s so beautiful, inside and out, even when she is sleeping.” He said to himself. When suddenly the alarms went off. You jolted up right and goten picked you up and teleported out.
  5. You clenched on him for dear life as you guys hid at his old house. “Well well well, look who it is” snared Frieza from the far end of the room. “Oh s---” Goten said, he looked at me and put me down. “Leave her, you want her you have to go through me” he yelled. “So be it” answered Frieza he traveled at the speed of light and threw a punch. You grabbed his hand and looked at him dead in the eyes.
  6. “Your eyes are purple” Goten wondered out loud. “Please!!No!! I will do anything!! Just stop” Frieza pleaded. “NO!! You have hurt 300 to many people, only god knows how many people have perished by your hand. Now you shall perish by mine” you told him. “Wait”…..
  7. “_____ Stop he could be of some use” said Goten. “What the hell Goten he took your father’s life twice. And he he he…. He toke my mother away” you broke down into a sob. Your eyes still purple, your heart pounding loudly.
  8. “I remember it like it was yesterday, he came to destroy my home planet… and he saw my mother she was empress, she wouldn’t allow him to kill my people. But instead he killed her right in front of me. This was before I was shipped here to earth and convinced I was an earthling.”
  9. “Ever since then I vowed my revenge on this evil b------, but I can’t I just can’t” you explained. You fell to the floor and cried all the pain from that day returned to your body and you sobbed. Suddenly your body emerged with power and energy. Something told you, that you had to kill him. That his pleading was lies.
  10. Goten came and hugged you “it’s okay never mind go ahead kill him”. Then the power became uncontrollable and you killed Frieza with the look in your eyes, he turned to stone. Goten wiped your tears “I am sorry I didn’t know he had hurt you so badly”.
  11. “no one ever knows my pain Goten, I hide my emotions with a lock” you said to him. “Not from me” he smiled. You were silent then choose your words carefully “Yes Goten, even from you”. You took off then flew away after picking up speed, you transported to your old club house. It was a broken down super Wal-Mart, you went to the hang out corner and sat there deciphering your emotions. Then the door was busted down…
  13. Just in case you couldn’t read what I wrote before it says: CLIFHANGER YOU NEED TO FIND THE NEXT CHAPTER IN ORDER TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!!!!

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