DBZ love (fanfiction) part 3

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do you like dragon ball z well i have a story for you come on you know you want to read it its reallly good and check out my other. just because your awesome like me.

do you think you will like this quiz well you know the way to ffind out come on read it. you know you want to. its an awesome story, raed i t like thers no tommorrw

Created by: Music Monster J

  1. You awoke from your slumber in a dark place. When all of a sudden there was a shadowy figure approaching you. You couldn't see straight because your mind was still groggy but it looked like cell, he was slowly approaching you. Then something bit the side of your neck.
  2. You didn't black out this time instead your eyes flew open to reveal cell and Goten fighting. You wondered what it was that hit your neck but there was nothing, but a vein bulging out. The vein showed gold blood.
  3. "Goten" your body managed to cry out. Then cell toke one of the not so popular lights around the gloomy room and banged it on the back of his head. "See this, was this supposed to be your savior or something. Well look at him now" cell motioned towards gotens cold body on the ground. You began to cry, as your tears dropped your arms began to glow a golden color.
  4. The chains on your arms and legs began to melt right off of you. Cell stood back, he looked in fear. Suddenly you were released from the chains, you looked down at the ground where Goten's unconscious body lye. When you looked up at cell your eyes turned florescent purple. Your eyes lit up as if there was a trucks headlight behind them.
  5. "You stupid son of a bit*h!! I fu****g hate you!!! Stay the hell out of my life!!! You stupid fu****g mother fuc**r" you swore at him (even if you don't cuss). You starred at him with hate filled eyes and his skin started to powder up and then this huge desert like wind blow. As the magical breeze past you gotten began to get up as cell's body broke down.
  6. "I ssshhould have killed you when.... I had... a chhhhhhance" he yelled as he fell lost in the echo. The last tear fell as you and goten were reunited.
  7. You both cried on each other's shoulder, after a short period of time you both stoped. Goten picked you up and teleported you out. He sat down on your bed you still rolled into his arms and sniffing. "Shush, baby, its over now. We can be together" he whispered into your ear. You wiped your eyes and kissed him, knowing that you truly love him.
  8. You 2 sat there holding each other tightly, you on his lap. You listened to the sound of his BEATING heart and fell asleep feeling safe as ever in his arms. You felt him lay you in bed and kiss you goodnight then leave.
  9. The next morning you awoke to see Goten lying next to you in bed. You kissed his forehead and went to take a shower. When you got out and got dressed Goten was up. "Morning" he murmured still sleepy.
  10. "Morning!!! Get you're a** up its like 12 o clock!!!" you yelled. He continued to lay there. "ohhh trunks" you fake moaned, his eyes opened wide and he sat up. "What the-" you kissed him. " I would never cheat" you said as you 2 broke apart. "Damn!! Even when you just wake up your fine as hell" your cheeks flushed to his words.
  11. You guys really were going to be together forever. And you knew it so did he. You kissed him again... "I love you" he smirked when you pulled away. " And I you" you whispered.
  12. You thought there was more sike there's another part just not yet. And this right here is a CLIFHANGER HAHAHAH look for my other quizzes and be just as awesome as me for taking them thanks bye!!!=-D

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