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Hey guys and girls. I'm here to tell you an important thing. You'll probably wondering what it is. But i won't tell that in intro paragraphs. So, take the quiz to find out.

B.A.N.A.N.A., A.P.P.L.E., oh gosh! I'm being stupid here. I got nothing else to say. Hey, i'm not a spider, but i'm a zombie. Please somebody take me away from here. Ah! Its finally over.

Created by: SimplyDawn

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  1. Well, i'm here to tell you that i've created my back-up account. My back-up account's Username is, ''SimplyMari''. So, don't get confused.
  2. That's my announcement. From now on its just some fun facts about me.
  3. I love animals. I mean all the animals in the world.
  4. I love watching horror movies and reality tv shows.
  5. I hate flowers.
  6. I love being Perfect.
  7. I love Fashion.
  8. I'm a Tomboy-turned-GirlyGirl.
  9. I love Gymnastics.
  10. I'll use the word Awesome in every conversation.

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