DaughterOfPoseidon: Still Sick and Bored

So there are many, many girls out there who's godly parent, is Poseidon. Well lemme tell ya something about myself. I AM THE MOST BEST DAUGHTEROFPOSEIDON OUT THERE. Don't deny it, admit it. You think I'm hot like Leo's fire.

Um... Considering I'm gonna make a complete fool outta myself on this quiz. Feel free to make fun of me in the comments... I'm just that amazing to let you guys make fun of me. Oh yeah, making a fool outta myself is totally popular.

Created by: DaughterOfPoseidon

  1. So yeah, me again. I'm still sick and I'm bored to death. I can't believe I'm saying this but... I hope I go to school on Monday!
  2. So yup. I said it. I've been sick since, Thursday night and so far its getting a bit better but not totally. Please pray for me. *whimpers*
  3. Anyways, I made this quiz for the reason of being able to make quizzes about what's going on in your life. So, yeah. Am I saying "Oh yeah" too much? Um... Scratch that. So basically what I'm doing now is filling you in on some gossip ;D
  4. If you don't wanna hear about what's going on over at my school then leave cause this is useless to you. Let's start, hmm... Well I would like to say I skipped Friday cause I was still really sick, therefore I missed the Science test. And I can't study cause I didn't bring my books home -.-
  5. So there's my luck of the week, purely amazing *sarcasm* So cupcakes, anyone here watch Adventure Time? Love that show. I've been watching it for like EVER. Favorite character? LSP. ALL. THE. WAY. If you don't like her, get out cause obviously you don't have good taste.
  6. I'm joking! I'm not THAT mean... Or am I? ANYWAYS! I was listening to I Will Be by Avril Lavigne and I cried my eyes out. Such a pretty song... No lie check it out on YouTube. Also check out The Boys by Nicki Minaj, feat. Cassie. I'm obsessed. Another thing I wanted to you guys, My Journey As A Demigod readers. The way I see it, (according to the Great Prophecy) I'll be doing like different books for different parts of the prophecy, so I got a lot of writing to do. BTW I'll also make a book similar to The Demigod Files but about MJD. Everyone got that? One Prophecy. Different books, not parts, books. (for each line of the prophecy)
  7. Okay I just realized this is just news not gossip. I'm so lame. Random fact guys? I'm writing this while there's little raindrops falling from the sky. BTW raindrops are just Angel pee. Snow is Angel... Well I think you know.
  8. Gods of Olympus... Can't believe I just said that!! Wait... AW HELL NAW. I'm just like that. Bear with me cupcakes.
  9. That's all for now guys, I would keep writing..Erm, typing. But I don't wanna fill these question with random Jenna Facts. You do NOT wanna hear Jen/Jenna facts... You might... Oh I don't know. PEE YO PANTS MAYBE?! HA! Shout out Miss. Daddy's Girl Meggy Meg >:D
  10. Comment and rate on how awesome you guys are! NYC Babe outta here. PEACE.

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