This is a personality quiz, determining how nice you are, or just helping to give you more confidence in life, as to help you along. Anyways, for now, I don't understand why this paragraph need characters. I can just keep writing and writing, forever, and ever and writing and writing tee hee, oh, and look, I just reached my goal, yay!

Do you have the determination to have a good life, and work on your problems or weaknesses? I made this quiz for people who need a little support, and I was trying to make people happy, so if you are planning sueacide, LEAVE NOW!

Created by: mai
  1. Do you enjoy being on the internet?
  2. Do you help friends when they are hurt?
  3. When you get hurt, what do you say?
  4. Have you ever pissed yourself in public?
  5. Do you have a pet?
  6. Do you like school and homework?
  7. Do you know about the online website called "Club Penguin"?
  8. Do you enjoy eating?
  9. What do you do when you finish something like a report, or book or whatever?
  10. How old are you?

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