You don't know me at all...or do you?

Well, I am writing this paragraph because this quiz sites says I have to. Not sure why... Now this is saying I have to do One hundred and fifty characters and when I put down the number is flagged me and said can't you think of something to say. I don't have that much to say. So here it is. Did you know that there are really people that can do thing that the mind cannot even understand.. Your think like what? Right? Well, that is for you to find out and me to know...

You are soo.... going to find out the truth..the truth about what a waste of time this whole test was because they make you spend all this time writing a summary and I just want to be done with all of this. So, I would not recommend trying out this quiz, I would try and find one that doesn't have so many requirements

Created by: Dorrie of Dorrie
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  1. My friend Andrea has said that I have a split personality.....What name did she name him?
  2. I currently live in Washington but what other states have I lived in?
  3. As you may know, I have two kids....what are their ages?
  4. I grew up in Kelso, WA, which elementary school did I attend??
  5. I grew up in Kelso, WA, which elementary school did I attend??
  6. My first car I owned was a....
  7. My drink of choice is...
  8. My sign is...
  9. I am currently working...
  10. My favorite colors together are....
  11. What is my cats name...`

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Quiz topic: You don't know me at all...or do I?