Horsey Randomness

this quiz is some random facts that any dummy should know about horses. I have to have one hundred and fifty characters, so I am writing this to take up the rest of the space.

I hope you knew most of these horsey facts. I have to have onehundred and fifty characters, so I am writing this to take up more space. More space, more space, still more space.

Created by: noneyah

  1. what breed is known for their spots?
  2. What breed is known for holding their head and tail up high?
  3. Where does a horse breath from?
  4. How many beats (foot falls) are in a canter?
  5. Horses DONT eat which one of the following.
  6. if a horse puts its head down and lifts up its back legs, what is it doing?
  7. if a horse throws its head up and stands on its hind legs, what is it doing?
  8. Its it possible for a horse to get sun burn?
  9. If your horse does get sun burn, what do you do?
  10. what is the MAXIMUM hight of a pony?
  11. How many barrels are used in barrel racing?

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