Do you have the qualities of a writer?

Writing is an art that has been praticed for years. Many people enjoy writing. When you are writing, aything can happen, and I find that I really love that feeling.

But, are you acting like a author in everyday life? Though it doesn't majorly affect your writing, behaving like an author can improve your skills. Don't be sad if you get a low score- just like all quizzes, this isn't 100% accurate, and even if it was, you don't have to act like an author to be one.

Created by: The Author
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  1. I know this is silly, but do you ever write?
  2. When you read books and a character does something unexpected or something you don't like, what is the first thought to come to your mind?
  3. What is the main reason you read?
  4. Is it possible for someone to have written what you are about to write?
  5. If you see a strange person, which would you be most likely to do?
  6. When you hear a song, what do you think of first?
  7. Do you ever talk to your pets?
  8. Do you keep a diary?
  9. Which role do you play when judging writing?
  10. Do you vary your book genres?

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Quiz topic: Do I have the qualities of a writer?