Dance Moms Quiz

If you love dance moms this is the quiz for you. the quiz contains 20 challenging questions which will test your knowledge about Abby and the dancers.

So are you a genius? do you have the brain power to master this quiz well if you think you do take the quiz and see where you stand Good luck!!!!!!!

Created by: Lauren of none
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  1. which kids belong to Kelly?
  2. What does Abby think is Wrong with Holly's Feet?
  3. What did Abby give Paige for Christmas?
  4. Why did Abby throw a chair at Paige in rehearsal?
  5. What studio does Abby's arch rival own?
  6. What was Abby's dog`s name?
  7. In what dance did Maddie run off the stage?
  8. How did Paige break her foot?
  9. who is the oldest dancer in the group?
  10. What does Chloe want to do when she is older?
  11. For which one of Paige's solos does Kelly change the dance?
  12. why does Mackenzie make Abby cry during her (the party starts right now) solo rehearsal?
  13. Why did Abby give Maddie and Chloe the same solo?
  14. which dancer is the best at acrobatics.
  15. which dancers stayed at the Matty B music video?
  16. What are 3 Mack Z songs?
  17. in What group dance did Brook forget what to do?
  18. Who is Jeanette`s daughter?
  19. Who got the Joffery scholarship and got the lead in the lux music video?
  20. Why did Abby swap Maddie and Chloe in the Trapped number for the recital?

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