How we'll do you know Dance Moms

Have fun this is a fun way to find out if you are a dance moms expert hey now is the time to prove that you are to your family or friends just have fun

Are you a dance moms genius or just think you are this is the perfect way to see just click the start button and see for yourself either prove your friends wrong or just have fun

Created by: Macy
  1. Who was on the original team
  2. Who became a part of Candy Apples
  3. Who got hit by Cathy's purse
  4. Who pulled Abby's hair and scratched her face
  5. Who is Asia's mom
  6. Who was Marylyn Monroe in dance moms
  7. What was Abby's dogs name
  8. What is Maddie and Mackenzie's step dad's name
  9. Who stole Abby's choreography
  10. How old are Maddie and Mackenzie (2014)
  11. When is Maddie's birthday

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Quiz topic: How we'll do I know Dance Moms