Daily routine of chinese girls

Understanding and speaking a language are two seperate things. They require separate skills but both are essential to be able to participate to conversation in foreign languages

This test will allow you to see with ease if you are able to follow a conversation or dialogue at a standard speed rate. You will then decide which group to join and participate to our interactive sessions

Created by: Dieneba

  1. 你念几年级
  2. 你每天早上几点起床
  3. 你几点吃早饭?
  4. 你怎么来上学?
  5. 在哪里上车?
  6. 你每天晚上坐几个小时功课
  7. 放学后有什么如何娱乐活动
  8. 最喜欢什么体育项目
  9. 旅游曾到达过的地方
  10. 你今年春游去了什么地方?

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