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My name is Ingleburn and I love you. Hey hey what you say? Yum cha is Chinese but the windows and jellies are very cool. I love mince and did you know that TV.

But the thing books can fly with piggies but did you know I see the cars and chair and stuff go into the mince cup and the thing is Two Girls One Cup it's.

Created by: hottie_guy_guy_guy

  1. pick a word
  2. Do you know what I am?
  3. how do u eat?
  4. do u like cheese
  5. do u like me?
  6. but most of all do u love yourself
  7. r u a girl
  8. r u a boy
  9. eggy u no?
  10. do u have boogers
  11. do u pick ur nose

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