do you know the hunger games?

There are many smart people int the world but there are not alot of geniuses so go and see if you can conquer the most difficult quiz in the world smarty pants.

This is the most amazing quiz in the world so please see if you can conqer somthing that will test you in ways that you have never been tested before.

Created by: Justin Drew Bieber
  1. What is Peeta's last name?
  2. Why does president snow need roses around him at all times
  3. What is prims cat's name?
  4. Who is better for Katniss?
  5. How did district 13 get destroyed?
  6. While at district 13 where did Katniss like to hide?
  7. How did Katniss and Peeta trick the gamemakers?
  8. How long was Katniss in lockdown after killing prsident snow?
  9. What is President Coin's first name?
  10. There is only one copy of the book left what do you do?
  11. President snow is in front of you what do you do?
  12. what Hunger games was HayMitch in
  13. If you could meet any Hunger game person who would it be?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the hunger games?