How cool is a car?

There are cars that are just plain average or not cool and they just disappoint the world with their lack of fun and life that helps you to connect with a car.

And then there are cool cars. This puts car coolness to the rest and it as close to unbiased as I could get but test your car or any car for that matter and maybe even find the most awesome car ever.

Created by: Daniel Hernandez

  1. How many years old is this car?
  2. Is this car good at handling?
  3. How is the paint job?
  4. How much horsepower does this car have?
  5. How much torque does it have?
  6. How comfortable is it?
  7. How many Hollywood movies has it been in besides brand specific movies.
  8. How satisfied would a date be if you pulled up in it? On a scale of 1-10
  9. Is it quirky
  10. What bodystyle is it?
  11. Where is the engine/ electric motor?
  12. What wheels are driven
  13. How much is the curb weight?
  14. Engine size
  15. Where is it made?
  16. Does it have aftermarket modifications
  17. Would both Jay Leno or Jeremy Clarkson drive it?
  18. Does it have brand prestige
  19. Is it the highest middle or lowest model of the car?
  20. How many gadgets does it have?
  21. Does it have necessities?
  22. How low is it to the ground?
  23. Cost $ or euros
  24. Classic or modern
  25. How many cylinders

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