Creepypast Love story part 3


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Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. You had to share a bed with Lazzari but you stayed up wondering what happened to Sally you finally drifted off. About 2hrs later there were two small hands pulling on you. "5 more hours mah" you said. "Get up!" said a squeaky voice. You lifted your head it was Lazzari. "Mr slendyman said for me to have a bath with you" You smiled. You lifted you armput. "Say Lazzarri does it smell like I need one?" She squealed as you pulled her closer. You finally went to the bath. Lazzarri was in the tub as fast as you could chop someones head off. "Scrub scrub scrub"
  2. You finally got out. "Ladies I got spare clothes while your others are in the wash. He handed you a black leather dress real short and Lazzarri a pretty blue dress you finally got out. "I look like slut" you thought to yourself. You went to the loungeroom where Jack was. "What are you watching?" He looked up. "It" "Is it good" "Yes" Someone wrapped their hand around your waste. "Hey Babe, want to ride on my joystick?" You looked at him questioningly. "Let go!" Jack said. "Make me" but before Jack got up there was a shout. "ZELDA!" You turned around it was Jeff. He started beating up Ben. "You touch her again I'll f---ing Drown you Zelda!" "Boys!" you turned around it was Slendy. "I like animal planet. Do you like animal planet Slendy?" Jack ask they sprinted to the wall. "I have your clothes Psyko, Toby can't accompany you this time" "That's alright Slendy" you said grabbing you non-blood stained clothes. You got dressed grabbed your camera and was out of the house in a flash.
  3. You got about 500m when someone pushed you against a tree. "Tell me where my Daughter is" He demanded. "I don't know who your talking about." He slammed you against the tree. You felt the blood come down into your eyes. A knife flew into his head. "f---ing leave her alone Zalgo!" "A the pscho is love sick" You couldn't see anything the blood went into your eyes. "Let me guess you fell for sweet little Penelope." "I think its time for. YOU, TO. GO .TO .SLEEP" "Now now Jeff, you save the girl or kill me!" Zalgo laughed and dissappeared droppig you. Jeff ran and caught you. You blacked out
  4. You oppened your eyes. "Jeff it smells like alcohol and missery I know it''s you" "Jeff what the f---!" You heard to people run. "She smells like daddy" "What?" "Daddy hurt her didn't he?" You groaned. "It's Ok penelope." Jeff said still holding. Everything went warm you guessed you were in the house. Jeff put you on the cowch. He wrapped a bandaid around your head. "You alright?"
  5. He smiled. "You should got to sleep" "Please don't kill me" you whimpered. "I could never" He said picking you up and bringing you to your bedroom. "Can you stay with me Jeff?" "Of course Psyko" he replied putting you on the bed and holding your hand.
  6. You woke up the next morning to snoring. You looked over your shoulder and instead of Lazzarri it was Jeff. You jumped and stared at him. You sighed. You went into the kitchen to scavenge for breakfast. You found waffles and you ate the whole packet. You lied down on the cowch. "WHO! ATE! MY! WAFFLES!" You turned around and there was Toby. You looked at the box in your hand. "Shiz" you whispered. He turned his head ticking like crazy. You smiled. "W-what waffles. I don't see know waffles" "PsyKo hand the box over!" You gave him the box than ran outside. You were about a kilometre away when you heard the defeaning cry. "PSYKO!" You ran even further into the woods. There was a camp. You quietlyy ran into the tent and: well you get the point. There was a packet of waffles. You ran back to the house. Toby was waiting for you at the door hatchet in hand. "Toby, I'm sorry. I got you some more." Your head was down. He snatched the waffles but unnexpectably hugged you. He let go and kissed you on the cheeck. You felt yourself turning red.
  7. The others were up. "Jeff, Ben your turn to kill and so will Masky and Hoodie" they nodded and left. Ben winked at you and Jeff did a small salute. You beamed.
  8. About five minutes later Slenderman screamed, "I forgot to pick up SALLY AND SURRENDER!" "Jack! your incharge" he said running out the door. Toby was painiting Jeff's door pink when you both turned your heads. You bothed leapt on Jack. "Can we be your helpers can we can we?" "No, Sorry I'm a lone wolf." "My dreams-" "crushed" you finished his sentence. "No Toby and Psyko I'm Jacks partner!" You turned your head into Lazzari's direction. "Seriously?" "Yeah I wanted to have a tea party." A voice in your head whispered, "Assehole mode activated" you smiled. "Yeah let's have a tea party! put that f---er Jack in tutu!" "I'm not doing this!" Lazzarri was smiling. "I-um-well" "Dont you want to be pretty Jack?" she looked like a demon. Her eyes were red like Zalgo's you gasped. "I'll-i'll get the tea..." Jack moaned. "And don't forget the tutu!" Toby called after him. "And the motherf---ng tutu"
  9. About three hours later Slendy came in with Sally and Surrender. You were in a pink puffy dress and white socks with black shoes with blue bows in your hair. Toby and Jack had makeup and was dressed up as a fairy. "I'll give you thirty minutes to get out of those clothes" you ran to your room and got dressed. "Back to normal." You heard the door creak it was Ben. "Saw toby and Jack wanted to see if you were bad off" you smiled and spun. He chuckled and left you alone. You got out. Jeff was crying about his pink door. "Sally you remember everyone Surrender this is Jeff-" "Why's my door pink! I hate f---ing pink!" "Uh- Toby, Jack, Lazzarri Psyko and those two." He pointed to Masky and Hoodie. "Hey!" Maskey said. "Assehole" Sally jumped off Surreneder and ran into your arms. "PSYKO!" She squealed. "Hello your majesty!" she giggled. "Get off Psyko's mine!" Sally and Lazzarri were pulling you. "Let. Go!" Jack and Jeff had to get the two off as you slumped to the floor. "Lazzarri I need to talk to you." Slenderman lead Lazzarri out of the house. Sally played dolls with you in the Lonungeroom. "One two three four I declare a thunbwar!" Ben and Toby were on the couch. "Look! Psyko's…
  10. Slenderman came in with Lazzarri who was 12 years old instead of seven. Her once brown hair was pink and there was horns on her head she was crying trying to hold down he dress. "Take care of this." Slendy said stalking out of the room. "What's wrong not so ity bity Lazzarri?" Jack came into the room. Lazzari's eyes lit up. "Hi jack" "I am not doing this!" he shouted slamming the door. "Don't worry Jacks and asse I'll fix ya up." you said grabbing her hand. You had a green jumper and jeans from one of you victims. You sat and braided her hair. "There's something else" she said quietly. "Lazzari! us girls need ta stick ta gethar! I'm ya olda sista!" she smiled. She whispered it in your ear. You jumped up and went to the draw and pulled out some pads and tampons. "Thes are ya friends in shark week!" you explained and she went red. "Don't chya worry! I'm here for ya demon kid!" She smiled and the colour faded. "Woola!" you said giving her a mirror to show her long pink braid. She smiled. You took her hand and then she went out. She slumped down on the cowch and started rocking. Surrender came in. "Uh-whats wrong?" "I'm not a monster I'm not a monster" "Laz?" she started puking…

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