Country Quiz #1: China

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Hello everyone and welcome to my first quiz! Today you will be taking my first country quiz about China. There will be 10 questions in this quiz about different topic areas of China.

Before we start, let me introduce the country China. China's name literally means "Central State" or "Middle Kingdom." It is located in East Asia and it is the world's populous country.

Created by: xiuli
  1. What is the capital of China?
  2. What does the large gold star represent on the Chinese Flag?
  3. What is the official dialect of China?
  4. What is the official currency of China?
  5. What is the China Standard Time?
  6. What is the largest city in China?
  7. What were the 2 tradiational sports of China featured at the "2008 World Mind Sports Games" held in Beijing?
  8. What is the rarest animal in China?
  9. What is the oldest dynasty of China?
  10. When does the "Chinese New Year" start?

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