Are you secretly country?

This quiz will tell you if you are a county gurl or a city girl. Maybe you had a secret life and you had no idea! This 14 question quiz will tell you!

Be honest in your answers and the results will tell you who you are! Boots or sneakers? After this quiz maybe you will think you should move to either the country or the city! Good luck!

Created by: Alyssa
  1. What is your fav brand of jeans?
  2. What color do you want your room to be?
  3. If you could listen to any of these songs what one would you choose first without thinking?
  4. What was/is your first vehicle?
  5. If you could pick any pair of shoes what would they be?
  6. You have $500. What store are you going to first or for the whole time?
  7. On social media you post mostly...
  8. Before you go to bed you like to...
  9. When it comes to early mornings you like to...
  10. When you were jewelry you like...
  11. My fav animal is
  12. Do you think you learned more about yourself taking this quiz? Do you think you had a secret all along?

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Quiz topic: Am I secretly country?