Is He Secretly Crushing On You?!

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Do you wonder whether or not the guy you are crushing on is feeling the same way towards you? Isn't is completely frustrating to not know what a guy thinks of you?

Sure the best way to find out about your special someones' interests is to simply ask them, but instead of going through all the difficulties of that, I've created a quiz to help you find out if your crush is secretly into you!

Created by: honeybunhazeleye
  1. Does he ever stare at you?
  2. Does he ever smile at you?
  3. Does he tease you a lot?
  4. Does he start conversations with you or greet you often?
  5. How long have you known him?
  6. What do you all talk about?
  7. Has he ever touched you/ hit you?
  8. Does he say your name a lot?
  9. Is he usually around you?
  10. Does he do things for you? (Open doors, offer you candy/ lunch, hold your books, etc.)
  11. What is his body language towards you?
  12. Do you think he likes you?

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