Does he have a crush on you?

A crush is complex. First there is the friend-ing, the secretly-loving, the major crushing, then the making the move. Will he make the move? You never know.

The move. It requires talking and confidence. You need to be comfy in your own skin. If not, how the heck are you gonna ask a girl out? A simple phrase, like, "Whatcha doing Wednesday night" just doesn't cut it. It needs to be unique, perfect.

Created by: Lily

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  1. He goes on the bus and there's two spaces to sit left: next to you, or next to a new girl. Who does he chose?
  2. How does he react when you wear a really pretty outfit to school?
  3. You're at a school dance and your favorite song comes on and you start dancing. What does he do?
  4. His friends tell him to kiss you- YOU!!! What does he do?
  5. OMG OMG OMG- he just asked you to a movie!!!!!What do you say?
  6. You run the fastest in gym class. What does he do?
  7. After your really good singing performance in the school talent show, what does he say to you?
  8. He passes you a note, and it says:
  9. You see him writing hearts in his notebook, and there is names inside the heart. Who's names do you think they are?
  10. You're with a bunch of friends, and he winks at you. Or is it Samantha, Natasha, Winnie, Cindy, Daisy or Emily? Who do you think he winked at?

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