could you survive a Z-outbreak?

i made this test to estimate your rough chances of survival in a z-outbreak (zombie outbreak). this test is based on information from the "zombie survival and defence wiki", books and disaster situation statistics.

remember to treat all information objectively, the sources i cited cannot be 100% accurate. we cannot be sure of the causes of a zombie outbreak since there are many possible causes (virus, chemical, parasite, paranormal, ect...) and the historical accounts of zombies (or what were believed to be zombies) were never analyzed thouroughly. this test is purely speculative.

Created by: lizardman
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  1. you hear/see reports of a zombie outbreak, what do you do?
  2. how good are you at close combat?
  3. how good are you at shooting and maintaining firearms?
  4. you "group-up" with other people, which people?
  5. armor?
  6. can you go without a lot of food and drink for a long time?
  7. do you have any serious medical conditions?
  8. can you cope with the medical conditions you have(if you have any)?
  9. do you fear pain,injury or death?
  10. how much do you know about biology, medcine, chemistry, electronics or other usefull sciences?
  11. how quick can you learn new things?
  12. do you know what to carry with you in a survival situation?

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