Could You Share a Room with Me?

I was wondering, who on here could possibly share a flat with me? I mean, I'm a pretty difficult person to deal with, and there's a few things I do that could tweak people off.

I also have a few rules, but they're not that big of a deal. So, could you do it? Can you share a flat with me? Comment and rate, and enjoy the (poorly made) quiz!

Created by: SugerCube

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  1. So, how does having me randomly clutch you during scary movies sound?
  2. I have a habit of leaving my clothes wherever I take them off. Problem?
  3. I can't stand people who smoke.
  4. I will most likely insist on sleeping curled into your backside after a scary movie.
  5. I will insist on cooking almost every meal.
  6. I drink a lot of milk and tea, but wont use one cup for both.
  7. Bro, you can't live with me unless you know my subway order.
  8. Having at least one cat is a must.
  9. You kill the spiders.
  10. I have insomnia, and will be up until two in the morning.

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