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  • I think Im truly passionate about becoming a youtuber! But idk yet Im still young but the career I want always goes back to being a youtuber. I want to make people happy and feel like they arent alone! Bc youtubers that have done that for me are amazing. And I want to be just like them. Making people happy. :3

    • Ive been confused of what career ive wanted over the years,but most of the time they quickly fade away cause i wanted a new one. The youtube career is 2nd thing that i have always wanted to have in the nearby future. Being able to make people laugh or happy, and receiving support, love and being respected is something that I've always wanted to have because i don't get much of those right now. Even if i am still young, i am still gonna do everything i can just to have an easy headstart when i decide to finally do it.

    • Im truly wanting to be a youtuber. I have had past experience even though im only 12 at the moment, and i love making videos. And no just because im 12 doesnt mean I make s---ty f---ing roblox videos. At one point when I was 10 I was doing a live stream and I actually got someone to join my discord call and do a few games with me. That was probably the best experience of my life. I just want to make the content because it makes me happy

  • soooo, i might do well, does that mean my channel won't go viral???????


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