could we be friends

Hey, guys, i was kinda bored so i started thinking. how can you tell how good a friend someone is? i decided that a good quiz might help with that. i know youre probably looking at this because you're bored, but try it. you'll be enlightened.

so basically this quiz is just a measure on how good a friend you are. it sounds basic, but its integral for any good friendship. without friends, life can be miserable. and only good friendships last.

Created by: lightmuffin4

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  1. You find out your best friend is depressed. What would you do?
  2. your friend invites you to a local hangout, but you cant go. You:
  3. how much do you care about your friends?
  4. If your friend does something to hurt you inside, you:
  5. your friend is in a different clique than you. you:
  6. your friend is on vacation and cant communicate w/ you. you:
  7. are you bored of me?
  8. idk...
  9. will you comment
  10. Do you think you are a good friend?

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