Which Of my Friends Are You?

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Ok, I Have A Lot Of Friends....But Which One Are YOU? I Have A Lot Of Friends And Enemies, But Which Of My Friends Could You Be Most Like? Find Out In This Quiz Made By Me.

There Are Five Friends Involved. Kody, Tatum. Laura, Brandon, And Dominic(DJ). So Anyway, Which Of My Friends Are You Most Like...In Just A Short Peroid Of Time, You Will Discover Who!

Created by: ImWeirdSoWhatHehe

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. First Off, What Is Your Personality?
  2. Which Of These Is Your Favorite Animal?(Just Pick Out Of These, This Is Important, Please Do Not Skip)
  3. Whuch Of These Would You Prefer To Do?
  4. Favorute Color Out Of These?
  5. What Food Out Of These?
  6. Time Of Day?
  7. Unicorns Or Koalas
  8. Cake Or Pie?
  9. Loner Or Popular Or Neutral
  10. All Done, Please Tell Me Who You Got In Comments, They All Have A Bet Going On!

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Quiz topic: Which Of my Friends am I?