So You think you know me!

Everyone has friends, but few are best friends. Best friends after all know every thing about you. A best friend is someone who is able to put their feelings aside to help you, to talk to you when ever you need them, and they are able to be a shoulder to cry on.

Do you think you can answer the question " Who autographed my purse at Disney?" or " Who is my favorite author?". If you think you can I invite you!!

Created by: marcie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is my full name?
  2. Who is my favorite author? I think he is so cute too!!
  3. What holiday did I get my first kiss?
  4. What was my camp name?
  5. Which exchange student did I cry when they left?
  6. What color was my prom dress?
  7. What is my heritage?
  8. In American Idol who did I vote for Carrie or Bo?
  9. What did I do that almost ticked my mom off?
  10. Where was I on my junior prom?
  11. What is the first thing I notice on a man?
  12. What is my best friend's name?
  13. How long have I known my best friend?
  14. What is my troop's number?
  15. Who signed my purse at Disney cause I was graduating?
  16. When is my birthday?
  17. Who is my role model?
  18. What bone did I break in 10 grade?
  19. What was the name of the play In which I did costumes for?
  20. What is my favorite movie, it also is my book?
  21. Who is my favorite actor, has been since I was 7?
  22. How long have I been a GirlScout?
  23. Am I a republican or Democrat?
  24. What is the name of my theme song?
  25. What is my fave color?
  26. Who is my favorite singer?
  27. What is the name of my dog?
  28. How many children do I want?
  29. What is the name I want give to my daughter?

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