Is your bff a true friend

Some people have best friends. If you are one of these 10000s of people, this is a test to see if you guys are really, truly, great great friends. So...ya

Is YOUR friend a meanie, nicey, or bestie? take this quiz to find out! remember...just because this quiz tells you one thing...doesnt mean you have to believe it. Just be friends with whoever you want

Created by: Jojo and Bella

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  1. When its your birthday, your Bff gets you...
  2. When you ask your friend to have a sleepover she says
  3. When you go the mall your friend buys...
  4. At sleepovers you
  5. When your eating at her house she...
  6. When you get a weird haircut your bff...
  7. All in all your friends because...
  8. You get her a cute shirt and she
  9. How long could you spend with your friend at a time
  10. your bff and you mostly fight about
  11. When you and your bff aren't together, you

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Quiz topic: Is my bff a true friend