Is this Chic stealing YOUR Best Friend

There is this thing called a friendship triangle. They are horrible! That's when there's three friends in a group and one day your all friends, then one turns on two of them!

Are YOU in a friendship triangle?! Is one of your so-called friends turning on you?Take this Quiz to find out if this chic is seriously taking YOUR Best Friend!

Created by: Aj Jackson

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  1. You and your best friend are talking and suddenly this chic pops up and says "I need to talk to you alone" Your friend says "not without her" pointing at you. The chic....
  2. This Chic wants to sit with you guys at lunch today....but where is she going to sit?
  3. "Partner Up!" You and the chic both look right at your best friend. The chic....
  4. You and this girl catch each others wandering eyes, she.....
  5. Your Bestie is sick. You and this girl are just wandering around when bump into each other, you both decide to....
  6. You bestie falls and needs to be taken to the nurse but...... Who's taking her?
  7. Happy Birthday Bestie! It's time for gifts.... Which to open first?
  8. You are telling your friend a story. The Chic notices and walks over. To catch your attention, she...
  9. Sleepover! But, You and your friend go a little all out and the nieghbor complains about the noise, wait the nieghbor is this chic! she comes over to apoligise for her mother and apoligies to
  10. You think the cause of this problem is.....

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Quiz topic: Is this Chic stealing my Best Friend