Which Hogwarts house are you?

This quiz was just something I had fun with becuase I was very bored and decided to let you guys find out your Hogwarts houses were. Also I could not really think of good questions.

Please leave a nice review this is my first quiz. Some of the questions are kinda weird and I do apologize for that I could not think straight because it is so late at night where I am at. So enjoy

Created by: Roxanne

  1. If someone had stolen your wallet in public and no one helped you get the robber back what would you do?
  2. You're at Hogwarts and you see a first year getting bullied what do you do?
  3. Your best friend forgot their potions homework and are gonna have a lot of trouble with Professor Snape what will you do
  4. Out of these 8 traits which ONE best describes you?
  5. Out of these creatures which one would you love the most?
  6. Out of these weather conditions which one could you live in?
  7. Which Professor do you like the most?
  8. Which blood type are you?
  9. If you saw a poor dog starved and beat up what would you do?

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Quiz topic: Which Hogwarts house am I?