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cornish-o-meter "” how cornish do you think you are me ansome. do you know whats in a pasty. why is the cornish flag back and white, what the hell is a pillchard

the pasty should never contain carrot, peas, fish, bacon, cheese sweatcorn or any combination of the above. swede, potatoes, onions, and beef skirt you buggers!

Created by: joncurtis
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  1. what's jelberts
  2. Humphry Davy was
  3. who was Richard Trevithick
  4. lanyon quoit is
  5. what does not belong in a pasty
  6. goonhilly is
  7. cornwall starts
  8. who does the best fish n chips down falmouth
  9. 'righton my ansome' is
  10. the cornish flag colours come from
  11. who invented the pasty slippers

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