Pee-o-meter very accurate

Pee-o-meter is here! It is 100% accurate and it is going to test you're peeing chances(unless you peed you're pants). Test it right now!! I said now!!!

Do you have to pee? Do you not? Have you peed you're pants??!! If you did, you shouldn't be taking this quiz, unless you still have to pee. Please don't pee your pants.

Created by: Ray Gao

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  1. What is pee?
  2. Are you doing the potty dance?
  3. Describe yellow
  4. Are you wet?
  5. Pour water into a cup, what do you feel?
  6. Act like you're pooping, what do you feel?
  7. Is your bladder or crotch hurting?
  8. Think about pee and relax, results?
  9. Sit on your toilet, let the pee out, but stop it before it comes out. How much pee came out?
  10. Are you willing to pee your pants?
  11. This has no effect. Did you like this quiz?
  12. This has no effect. Comment and rate?
  13. Bye.

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